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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gilbert Chinard, 9 books
Geoffroy Atkinson, 5 books
Jean-Marc Moura, 4 books
Pierre Martino, 3 books
Pramod K. Nayar, 3 books
Eugène Pujarniscle, 3 books
Theo d' Haen, 2 books
Pierre Jourda, 2 books
Frida Weissman, 2 books
Benjamin Schmidt, 2 books
Anselm Maler, 2 books
Naji B. Oueijan, 2 books
Charles Tailliart, 2 books
Elisabeth Oxfeldt, 2 books
Vanessa Smith, 2 books
Roger Mathé, 2 books
Gladys Falshaw, 2 books
Elémire Zolla, 2 books
Dennis Porter, 2 books
D. Simo, 2 books
Zhaoming Qian, 2 books
Claudio Marchiori, 2 books
Francesco Orlando, 2 books
Henri Chambert-Loir, 1 book
Ingrid Schuster, 1 book


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