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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David C. Nieman, 4 books
William D. McArdle, 4 books
Burke, Edmund J., 2 books
Bess Marcus, 2 books
Time-Life Books, 2 books
Harold B. Falls, 2 books
Wayne L. Westcott, 2 books
Jack H. Wilmore, 2 books
Lagrange, Fernand, 2 books
Anderson, Bob, 2 books
Patrick Laure, 2 books
Edward L Fox, 2 books
Frank I. Katch, 2 books
Nancy Hogshead, 1 book
Michael L. Pollock, 1 book
Stone, William J., 1 book
Jerzy Wrzos, 1 book
Edward L. Fox, 1 book
Nicole Parton, 1 book
Bonnie Prudden, 1 book
Vern Seefeldt, 1 book
Emily M. Haymes, 1 book
Frank W. Jobe, 1 book
John Krausz, 1 book
Alan Tyson, 1 book


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