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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sally Brown, 5 books
Valsa Koshy, 5 books
Ron Casey, 5 books
J. MacGregor, 4 books
D.L. Stufflebeam, 4 books
J. McCall, 4 books
I.J. Robertson, 4 books
R.A.J. Weston, 4 books
Tom Bryce, 3 books
Peter Knight, 2 books
Barbara Ball, 2 books
Dale D. Johnson, 2 books
Paul Phillips, 2 books
Denis Vincent, 2 books
Jay McTighe, 2 books
Popham, W. James., 2 books
Judith A. Arter, 2 books
Mantz Yorke, 2 books
Bonnie Johnson, 2 books
Richard West, 2 books
Margaret B. Puckett, 2 books
Daniel Ness, 2 books
Stephen J. Farenga, 2 books
Gregory J. Cizek, 2 books
Len Frobisher, 2 books


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