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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Damian Chalmers, 4 books
James A. Holland, 3 books
Adam Tomkins, 3 books
Anthony Arnull, 2 books
Christos Hadjiemmanuil, 2 books
Julian S. Webb, 2 books
Giorgio Monti, 2 books
Mark Brealey, 2 books
J. Webb, 2 books
Andrew Cowgill, 2 books
Martijn van Empel, 2 books
R. De Lange, 2 books
S. Prechal, 2 books
R. J. G. M. Widdershoven, 2 books
J. H. Jans, 2 books
John Tillotson, 2 books
Nicholas Grief, 2 books
Anthony Cowgill, 2 books
Charlie Parkes, 1 book
Alan Dashwood, 1 book
Robert Burgess, 1 book
Ray Snow, 1 book
Tony Storey, 1 book
Chris Turner, 1 book
James Flynn, 1 book


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