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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean-Francois Bellis, 4 books
Ivo Van Bael, 4 books
Handley Stevens, 3 books
James A. Holland, 3 books
Barry Rodger, 3 books
Angus MacCulloch, 3 books
Helen Wallace, 3 books
Richard Gibb, 2 books
Alan W. Cafruny, 2 books
Robin Means, 2 books
Richard Portes, 2 books
J. Magnus Ryner, 2 books
Charles Heyman, 2 books
Jorgen Ulff-Mller Nielsen, 2 books
Jorgen Drud Hansen, 2 books
P. Wallis, 2 books
European Communities, 2 books
Randolph, 2 books
Julian S. Webb, 2 books
Wyn Rees, 2 books
Kenneth Smith, 2 books
Koen Lenaerts, 2 books
Giuliano Bonoli, 2 books
Simona Piattoni, 2 books
Emil Kirchner, 2 books


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