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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Franklin Jones, 9 books
Henry Ryffel, 9 books
Christopher McCauley, 9 books
Ricardo Heald, 9 books
Erik Oberg, 8 books
Ali K. Kamrani, 3 books
Harald Dyckhoff, 3 books
W. Bolton, 2 books
William Bolton, 2 books
Heinz P. Bloch, 2 books
Elaine Marmel, 2 books
Steven Schmid, 2 books
Charles R. Harrell, 2 books
Biman K. Ghosh, 2 books
Royce O. Bowden, 2 books
British Electricity International, 2 books
William W. Hunt, 2 books
John A. White, 2 books
W. Brian Rowe, 2 books
Ichiro Inasaki, 2 books
Ioan D. Marinescu, 2 books
Hoang Pham, 2 books
Walid H. Shayya, 2 books
Mike Hitchiner, 2 books
Eckart Uhlmann, 2 books


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