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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Project Management Institute., 22 books
Harold Kerzner, 20 books
Jeffrey K. Pinto, 16 books
Clifford F. Gray, 14 books
Ralph L. Kliem, 14 books
Erik W. Larson, 11 books
Colin Bentley, 11 books
Dennis Lock, 10 books
Gary Chefetz, 9 books
Jack R. Meredith, 9 books
Ginger Levin, 9 books
Lewis, James P., 9 books
Tim Pyron, 9 books
J. Rodney Turner, 9 books
Project Management Institute, 9 books
Kim Heldman, 8 books
David I. Cleland, 8 books
Paul Sanghera, 8 books
Adedeji Bodunde Badiru, 8 books
Joseph Phillips, 7 books
Fergus O'Connell, 7 books
Jack Gido, 7 books
Erling S. Andersen, 6 books
Carl S. Chatfield, 6 books
David Marsh, 6 books


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