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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Luca Fiorito, 8 books
Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, 7 books
Scott Scheall, 7 books
Harro Maas, 5 books
Uskali Mäki, 5 books
Ross B. Emmett, 4 books
Daniel M. Hausman, 4 books
Ludwig von Mises, 4 books
Warren J. Samuels, 4 books
D. Wade Hands, 4 books
Steve Keen, 3 books
Jeff E. Biddle, 3 books
Uskali Maki, 3 books
Roger Backhouse, 3 books
Lawrence A. Boland, 3 books
Warren J. Samuels, 3 books
T. W. Hutchison, 3 books
John Bryan Davis, 3 books
Nicholas Rau, 2 books
The Economist, 2 books
Diane Coyle, 2 books
Neil De Marchi, 2 books
Lawrence Boland, 2 books
Brian Loasby, 2 books
Vernon L. Smith, 2 books


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