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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harold Klemp, 122 books
Paul Twitchell, 12 books
Mary Carroll, 3 books
Debbie Johnson, 3 books
Todd Cramer, 3 books
Mary Carroll Moore, 3 books
Darwin Gross, 2 books
Doug Munson, 2 books
James Paul Davis, 2 books
Phil Morimitsu, 2 books
Roland Chagnon, 1 book
Terrill Willson, 1 book
Patti Simpson, 1 book
Monte Miller, 1 book
Daniel Comfort, 1 book
Thomas Flamma, 1 book
Robert Marsh, 1 book
Andrew Nelson, 1 book
Ford Johnson, 1 book
Dorothy Lawrence, 1 book
Bernadine Burlin, 1 book
Jean Lucchese, 1 book
Jean Giordano, 1 book
Linda C. Anderson, 1 book
David Christopher Lane, 1 book


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