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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank D. Luna, 3 books
Allen Sherrod, 3 books
Ernest Pazera, 2 books
Wolfgang Engel, 2 books
Wendy Jones, 2 books
Jim Adams, 2 books
Stefan Zerbst, 1 book
Jonathan S. Harbour, 1 book
Alexandre Santos Lobão, 1 book
Kelly Dempski, 1 book
Clayton Walnum, 1 book
Julio Sanchez, 1 book
Wayne S. Freeze, 1 book
Maher Hawash, 1 book
Peter Walsh, 1 book
Amir Geva, 1 book
André LaMothe, 1 book
Alan Thorn, 1 book
Vaughan Young, 1 book
Graham Wihlidal, 1 book
André LaMothe, 1 book
Ioannis Pavlidis, 1 book
Vassilios Morellas, 1 book
Pete Roeber, 1 book
Rohan Coelho, 1 book


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