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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pranab Bardhan, 4 books
Paul Seabright, 4 books
Christopher Udry, 4 books
Peter Murrell, 3 books
Benjamin Higgins, 3 books
Richard Baldwin, 3 books
Elizabeth Wilson, 3 books
Donald Savoie, 3 books
Uwe Mummert, 3 books
Robert Costanza, 3 books
Bertin Martens, 3 books
John T. Pierce, 2 books
David Wolfe, 2 books
Jean Tirole, 2 books
Linda Gask, 2 books
Richard Kozul-Wright, 2 books
Paul Gregg, 2 books
Truman Packard, 2 books
Vasudha Dhagamwar, 2 books
Wolfgang Sachs, 2 books
Ian Smillie, 2 books
Martin Hart-Landsberg, 2 books
Carol Graham, 2 books
Paul Burkett, 2 books
Herman E. Daly, 2 books


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