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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
N. Sartorius, 5 books
S. A. Montgomery, 5 books
Mario Maj, 5 books
Edward Shorter, 4 books
J. John Mann, 4 books
Constance L. Hammen, 3 books
Ian H. Gotlib, 3 books
Katharine J. Palmer, 3 books
Terrence Real, 3 books
Raymond W. Lam, 3 books
Lara Honos-Webb, 2 books
Claudia J. Strauss, 2 books
Michael D. Yapko, 2 books
Cosmo Hallstrom, 2 books
Keith S. Dobson, 2 books
Rawley A. Silver, 2 books
Michael E. Thase, 2 books
Michael W. Otto, 2 books
Mark Gilson, 2 books
Christopher R. Martell, 2 books
Sidney H. Kennedy, 2 books
S. Kasper, 2 books
John C. Markowitz, 2 books
Jack Dreyfus, 2 books
Harold H. Bloomfield, 2 books


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