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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. P. Benjamin, 5 books
Matt Bai, 5 books
William Lloyd Garrison, 4 books
Owen Lovejoy, 3 books
Michael Kazin, 3 books
Smith, Gerrit, 3 books
Steve Jarding, 3 books
Ralph Morris Goldman, 3 books
Bob Moser, 3 books
Grover Cleveland, 3 books
Sean J. Savage, 3 books
Democratic National Committee (U.S.), 3 books
J. Rogers Hollingsworth, 2 books
Bill Press, 2 books
Douglas Caddy, 2 books
Belmont, Perry, 2 books
Katie Louchheim, 2 books
Scott Stossel, 2 books
Danny Goldberg, 2 books
Patterson, Robert, 2 books
Bernard Faÿ, 2 books
Dean Acheson, 2 books
Creel, George, 2 books
David Horowitz, 2 books
Johnson, Oliver, 2 books


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