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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph Conrad, 12 books
M. Flint Beal, 8 books
Nordau, Max Simon, 7 books
Bénédict Auguste Morel, 7 books
David Starr Jordan, 6 books
Samuel Royce, 5 books
P. Riederer, 5 books
Samuel Gandy, 4 books
David Weir, 4 books
Bruce Trembly, 4 books
Mark Paul Mattson, 4 books
Yves Christen, 4 books
V. M.-Y Lee, 3 books
Santiago Ramón y Cajal, 3 books
Bruce Fife, 3 books
Theodore Lothrop Stoddard, 3 books
Robert M. Miller, 3 books
Edythe A. Strand, 3 books
Joe G. Hollyfield, 3 books
Y. Mizuno, 3 books
William Slikker, 3 books
Kathryn M. Yorkston, 3 books
F. W. Mott, 2 books
Brooks Adams, 2 books
Marcy MacDonald, 2 books


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