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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Veasey, 9 books
Anthony Hillman, 7 books
Charles W. Frank, 5 books
Bruce Burk, 4 books
Carl F. Luckey, 3 books
Henry A. Fleckenstein, 3 books
Beebe Hopper, 3 books
Ralf Coykendall, 2 books
Keith Bridenhagen, 2 books
Harry V. Shourds, 2 books
Russell E. Lewis, 2 books
Jeffrey Moore, 2 books
George Ross Starr, 2 books
Paul W. Casson, 2 books
Donna S. Baker, 2 books
Curtis J. Badger, 2 books
Stewart, Jim, 2 books
Richard LeMaster, 2 books
John Delph, 2 books
David Hagan, 2 books
Ronald J. Gard, 1 book
Michael R. Miller, 1 book
Carl Chapell, 1 book
Loy S. Harrell, 1 book
William J. Mackey, 1 book


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