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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John F. Kennedy, 6 books
Harry Castlemon, 5 books
Gloria Whelan, 5 books
Paul Tillich, 5 books
Plato, 4 books
Vivian French, 4 books
Paul Shipton, 4 books
Jackie Waldman, 4 books
Lauren Thompson, 4 books
Wallace, Bill, 4 books
John Peterson, 3 books
John Flanagan, 3 books
Nancy L. Carlson, 3 books
M. Zachary Sherman, 3 books
Sandra Ford Walston, 3 books
Cuilin Ge, 3 books
Jack Dey, 3 books
Ann Donegan Johnson, 2 books
John Thomson Faris, 2 books
Tim Hoppey, 2 books
Simeon Ashe, 2 books
Scott Beck, 2 books
Melissa Lagonegro, 2 books
Erin Hunter, 2 books
Dave Horowitz, 2 books


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