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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John F. Kennedy, 10 books
Brené Brown, 10 books
Veronica Roth, 10 books
Paul Tillich, 9 books
Everett T. Tomlinson, 7 books
John Flanagan, 7 books
Bill Treasurer, 7 books
Jackie Waldman, 7 books
Hans De Beer, 6 books
Harry Castlemon, 6 books
Gloria Whelan, 6 books
A. L. O. E., 6 books
R. Michael Fisher, 6 books
Max-André Dazergues, 5 books
Erin Hunter, 5 books
Anu Stohner, 5 books
Fern Michaels, 5 books
Dalton, William, 5 books
Arianna Huffington, 5 books
R. K. Mortenson, 5 books
Bruce Lansky, 5 books
James Otis, 5 books
Richard Stengel, 4 books
Will Allen Dromgoole, 4 books
Kate McMullan, 4 books