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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brian Daines, 6 books
Frank Wills, 4 books
Linda Gask, 4 books
Kathryn Geldard, 4 books
William Stewart, 4 books
Diana J Sanders, 4 books
David Geldard, 4 books
Phil Lapworth, 3 books
L. Sherilyn Cormier, 3 books
Judith A. Lewis, 3 books
Sue Fish, 3 books
Donna Martsolf, 3 books
Charlotte Sills, 3 books
Michael D. Lewis, 3 books
Claire Burke Draucker, 3 books
Maureen E. Neistadt, 2 books
Allen E. Ivey, 2 books
Philip Burnard, 2 books
Linda Lehmann, 2 books
Barbara Olasov Rothbaum, 2 books
Mary Bradford Ivey, 2 books
Sherry Cormier, 2 books
Shane R. Jimerson, 2 books
Rowan Bayne, 2 books
Eileen Smith, 2 books


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