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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tony Ciro, 2 books
Ewan McKendrick, 2 books
B. S. Markesinis, 2 books
Robertson, 2 books
Roy Goode, 2 books
Jeffrey Wool, 2 books
Steve Emanuel, 2 books
Peter Crampton, 2 books
J. Sibling, 2 books
J. Sipling, 2 books
Herbert Kronke, 2 books
Robert Clark, 1 book
Steven D. Walt, 1 book
Jeffrey D. Wittenberg, 1 book
Philip Davenport, 1 book
Geoff Monahan, 1 book
Anne Ardagh, 1 book
Eric M. Roher, 1 book
Geoff Hodgson, 1 book
John D. Carter, 1 book
David Barker, 1 book
Steven Emanuel, 1 book
Trevor Lloyd Jones, 1 book
Günter Tröger, 1 book
Clamp, Hugh., 1 book


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