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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Francis Rose, 9 books
Jill Poole, 4 books
Richard Taylor, 4 books
Peter Clarke, 4 books
Ronald Skinner, 4 books
Catherine Elliott, 4 books
Richard Stone, 3 books
Ewan McKendrick, 3 books
Janet O'Sullivan, 3 books
Roger Halson, 3 books
Stone, Richard, 3 books
P. S. Atiyah, 3 books
James Devenney, 3 books
Marina Hamilton, 3 books
Frances Quinn, 3 books
Francis Rose, 2 books
Richards, Paul, 2 books
Chris Turner, 2 books
Cavendish, 2 books
David Campbell, 2 books
Andrew Burrows, 2 books
F. D. Rose, 2 books
Hugh Collins, 2 books
Neil Andrews, 2 books
Mindy Chen-Wishart, 2 books


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