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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Toronto Mechanics' Institute, 14 books
Jarvis, Peter, 10 books
Ŭn-sun Paek, 7 books
Alan Boyd Knox, 7 books
David N. Aspin, 6 books
R. H. Dave, 6 books
A. Ouane, 5 books
Field, John, 5 books
Tom Schuller, 4 books
Griff Foley, 4 books
Carol E. Kasworm, 4 books
Sharan B. Merriam, 4 books
David Istance, 4 books
Kathleen P. King, 4 books
Edwards, Richard, 4 books
Chong-im Pyŏn, 4 books
Mal Leicester, 4 books
Ettore Gelpi, 4 books
Jean Marie Barbier, 4 books
Colin Griffin, 3 books
Gaston Pineau, 3 books
Paul Lengrand, 3 books
Peter Faulstich, 3 books
G. J. Russell, 3 books
Penny Jane Burke, 3 books


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