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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Timur, 5 books
Ruth W. Dunnell, 3 books
Hernán Cortés, 3 books
Paolo Giovio, 2 books
Zavala, Silvio Arturo, 2 books
Fred Ramen, 2 books
Patricia de Fuentes, 2 books
Matthew Restall, 2 books
Judith Tarr, 2 books
David Nicolle, 2 books
Peter Chrisp, 2 books
Howard B. Leavitt, 2 books
Christopher Marlowe, 2 books
Stuart Stirling, 2 books
Manuel Lucena Salmoral, 2 books
Harold Lamb, 2 books
William Jay Jacobs, 2 books
David West, 2 books
Larry Bielat, 2 books
Sainctyon Sieur de, 2 books
Abel Posse, 2 books
Ida Rodríguez Prampolini, 2 books
Frances Sherwood, 2 books
Bernard Grunberg, 2 books
Pascale Lecoeur, 2 books


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