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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Fran Schmidt, 7 books
Alice Friedman, 6 books
Dennis R. Pollack, 3 books
Georgia J. Kosmoski, 3 books
Joseph P. Folger, 3 books
Tony Addison, 2 books
Jennifer Thomas, 2 books
Stephen W. Littlejohn, 2 books
Oliver Ramsbotham, 2 books
Marshall Scott Poole, 2 books
Shoshana Faire, 2 books
Myra Warren Isenhart, 2 books
Michael L. Spangle, 2 books
Ron Kraybill, 2 books
Kathy Domenici, 2 books
Tom Woodhouse, 2 books
Larissa Fast, 2 books
Alice Freidman, 2 books
Gary Chapman, 2 books
Hugh Miall, 2 books
Daniel Druckman, 2 books
Marc Riedel, 2 books
Josina M. Makau, 1 book
Edy Kaufman, 1 book
Ross Campbell, 1 book


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