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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
World Bank, 3 books
Parkin, Michael, 3 books
Richard W. T. Pomfret, 3 books
Turnock, David., 3 books
Sheldon Danziger, 3 books
David Crane, 3 books
Daniel Drache, 3 books
Riordan Roett, 3 books
Frank D. Bean, 2 books
Charles Wilson, 2 books
United Nations., 2 books
Sinclair, Stuart W., 2 books
Cameron, Duncan, 2 books
Jack Layton, 2 books
Stanley L. Engerman, 2 books
Shirley W. Y. Kuo, 2 books
Milton M. R. Freeman, 2 books
James Casey, 2 books
Samuel S. Bowles, 2 books
David Stuart Lane, 2 books
Brian Lyons, 2 books
Mel Watkins, 2 books
George, Stephen., 2 books
J. P. Cole, 2 books
Deirdre N. McCloskey, 2 books