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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paul Henderson, 6 books
Robin Means, 5 books
Scotland. Parliament., 4 books
Marilyn Taylor, 3 books
Randall Smith, 3 books
David Challis, 2 books
Leon D. Epstein, 2 books
David Francis, 2 books
Sarah Banks, 2 books
Hugh Butcher, 2 books
John Harries, 2 books
Claire Johnston, 2 books
Francie Lund, 2 books
Stewart Collins, 2 books
Robin Darton, 2 books
Diane Plamping, 2 books
John McClenahan, 2 books
Steve Gillam, 2 books
Danny Burns, 2 books
Jim Robertson, 2 books
Jenny Morris, 2 books
Kate Brown, 2 books
David Tossell, 1 book
Clare Ungerson, 1 book
Margaret Coombs, 1 book


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