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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carl Barks, 53 books
Ashley Wood, 29 books
Wendy Pini, 26 books
Richard Pini, 25 books
Rando Ayamine, 23 books
Don Rosa, 23 books
Yuya Aoki, 23 books
Stan Lee, 22 books
Satoru Akahori, 21 books
Chris Claremont, 21 books
Aaron Williams, 20 books
Brian Michael Bendis, 20 books
Romano Scarpa, 19 books
Michael Turner, 18 books
William Van Horn, 18 books
John Clark, 18 books
Ray Omishi, 17 books
Hiroyuki Tamakoshi, 17 books
Masahiro Itabashi, 17 books
Simon Furman, 17 books
Steve Niles, 16 books
Cesar Ferioli, 16 books
Kazuo Koike, 16 books
Garth Ennis, 16 books
John Wagner, 15 books


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