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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Julia Van Haaften, 2 books
Karin Elsener, 2 books
D. Bohn, 2 books
R. Petschek, 2 books
Vicki Goldberg, 2 books
Wim Wenders, 2 books
Roger Handy, 2 books
Reg Morrison, 1 book
Hilla Jacoby, 1 book
Piotr Rafalski, 1 book
Tony Whitten, 1 book
James Gavin, 1 book
Gerry Badger, 1 book
Manfred Hamm, 1 book
Edward Booth-Clibborn, 1 book
Charles-Henri Favrod, 1 book
Mark Rice, 1 book
Johnny Erling, 1 book
Karl Steinorth, 1 book
Nicholas Kahn, 1 book
Bill Wassman, 1 book
Bellamy, David, 1 book
Trea Wiltshire, 1 book
Sem Presser, 1 book
Carla Williams, 1 book


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