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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Burton Goldberg, 3 books
Fred Friedberg, 3 books
Lynn Vanderzalm, 3 books
Mari Skelly, 3 books
Jay A. Goldstein, 3 books
David S. Bell, 3 books
Roberto Patarca-Montero, 2 books
Michael Hyland, 2 books
Daniel L. Peterson, 2 books
G. E. Poesnecker, 2 books
Robert M. Bennett, 2 books
Katrina Berne, 2 books
Carol Graham Chudley, 2 books
Don Colbert, 2 books
Deepak Chopra, 2 books
Gill Jacobs, 2 books
Susan M. Lark, 2 books
Mary Hale, 2 books
Hillary Johnson, 2 books
William G. Crook, 2 books
Jacob Teitelbaum, 2 books
Nancy Fowler, 2 books
Celeste Cooper, 2 books
Michael E. Rosenbaum, 2 books
Neil Solomon, 2 books


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