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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen R. Graves, 5 books
Thomas G. Addington, 5 books
Mick Inkpen, 4 books
Nick Butterworth, 4 books
Stan Jantz, 4 books
Gregory M.A. Gronbacher, 4 books
Penny Lord, 4 books
Rick Joyner, 4 books
Karen Lee-Thorp, 4 books
Bob Lord, 4 books
Carol Kent, 4 books
Jan Thompson, 4 books
Mel Thompson, 4 books
Bruce Bickel, 4 books
Michael Green, 3 books
Na, 3 books
Kris Vallotton, 3 books
Nick Inkpen, 3 books
Brentwood Religious Education Service, 3 books
B. Bres, 3 books
Bill Johnson, 3 books
Jonathan Edwards, 2 books
Daniel J. Hill, 2 books
Leigh, Richard, 2 books
Paul Elie, 2 books


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