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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Colson, 6 books
Harold Fickett, 5 books
David Stark, 4 books
Rick Joyner, 4 books
Jane A. G. Kise, 4 books
Tobymac, 3 books
Michael Tait, 3 books
Sandra Krebs Hirsch, 3 books
Toby McKeehan, 3 books
Jonathan Edwards, 2 books
Steve Wamberg, 2 books
John T. Trent, 2 books
Rick Osborne, 2 books
Steve Halliday, 2 books
Jerry Newcombe, 2 books
Judy Siegle, 2 books
Cindy Fahy, 2 books
Ab Abercrombie , 2 books
Karen Abercrombie , 2 books
Larry Hopkins, 2 books
Jason Hopkins, 2 books
Devlin Donaldson, 2 books
D. James Kennedy, 2 books
Robert Donald Lively, 1 book
Steve Thompson, 1 book


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