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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Danielle Steel, 32 books
Edith Stein, 6 books
Sid Roth, 5 books
Jacob Gartenhaus, 4 books
Zola Levitt, 4 books
J. Haitsma, 4 books
Anna Staudacher, 4 books
Ruth Rosen, 3 books
Lauren F. Winner, 3 books
Ronda Chervin, 3 books
Stan Telchin, 3 books
Rich, Charles, 3 books
Todd M. Endelman, 2 books
Anita Dittman, 2 books
Jan Markell, 2 books
Gay, Jean Bp., 2 books
Cotton Mather, 2 books
Henry Einspruch, 2 books
Levy, Rosalie Marie, 2 books
Freshman, Charles, 2 books
Sharan Newman, 2 books
Nechama Tec, 2 books
Brian Sibley, 2 books
Thomas Humfrey, 2 books
Kai Kjaer-Hansen, 2 books


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