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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Murie, Alan., 7 books
Peter Malpass, 5 books
Anne Rogers, 3 books
David Pilgrim, 3 books
Richard Baldwin, 3 books
Ron Haskins, 3 books
Todd Swanstrom, 2 books
Edward O. Laumann, 2 books
Peter Knight, 2 books
Richard Portes, 2 books
Lynne Berry, 2 books
Cathy Davis, 2 books
Richardson, J. J., 2 books
Aidan R. Vining, 2 books
Robert Sykes, 2 books
Robert H. Donaldson, 2 books
David Stoesz, 2 books
Robert L. Nelson, 2 books
Charles L. Cochran, 2 books
Gill Helsby, 2 books
Howard Jacob Karger, 2 books
Ray Robinson, 2 books
Kevin Hetherington, 2 books
Stephen Harrison, 2 books
Eloise F. Malone, 2 books


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