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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Challis, 4 books
Charlotte Clarke, 3 books
Robin Means, 2 books
Colleen Keller, 2 books
Andrew Norris, 2 books
Mike Bender, 2 books
Patricia Thornton, 2 books
Economic Commission for Europe, 2 books
Francie Lund, 2 books
Arthur Blum, 2 books
James H. Swan, 2 books
Julie Fleury, 2 books
Paulette Bauckham, 2 books
Frances Heywood, 2 books
Heather Clark, 2 books
Christine Oldman, 2 books
Robin Darton, 2 books
Maria Evandrou, 2 books
John Keady, 2 books
Lynne Corner, 2 books
Karen Glaser, 2 books
Sean Page, 2 books
John Bond, 2 books
Carroll L. Estes, 2 books
David E. Biegel, 2 books


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