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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dilip Sarkar, 5 books
Townsend, Peter, 5 books
Robin D. S. Higham, 3 books
Stephen Bungay, 3 books
Chris Goss, 3 books
Price, Alfred., 3 books
Philip Kaplan, 3 books
Derek Wood, 3 books
Wright, Robert, 2 books
Winston S. Churchill, 2 books
Michael Korda, 2 books
Richard Overy, 2 books
Len Deighton, 2 books
Alfred Price, 2 books
Jacek Kutzner, 2 books
Tim Clayton, 2 books
Francis K. Mason, 2 books
Patrick Bishop, 2 books
Turner, John Frayn., 2 books
Alexander McKee, 2 books
Foreman, John, 1 book
Michael J. F. Bowyer, 1 book
Leonard Mosley, 1 book
Quentin James Reynolds, 1 book
Hall, Roger, 1 book


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