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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Hauser, 7 books
Ferdie Pacheco, 6 books
Robert Lipsyte, 6 books
Gilbert E. Odd, 5 books
Peter McInnes, 5 books
Joe Louis, 5 books
Henry Cooper, 4 books
James B. Roberts, 4 books
Patrick Myler, 4 books
Mead, Chris, 3 books
Lori Foster, 3 books
Oscar De la Hoya, 3 books
F. X. Toole, 3 books
Johnson, Jack, 3 books
Walter Dean Myers, 3 books
James Haskins, 3 books
Bob Mee, 3 books
Randy Roberts, 3 books
Jack London, 3 books
Heller, Peter, 3 books
Ali, Muhammad, 3 books
Randy Roberts, 3 books
Flip Schulke, 3 books
Sugar Ray Robinson, 3 books
Stephen Brunt, 3 books


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