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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James S. T. Yao, 10 books
Wesley S. Moore, 8 books
Rutherford, Robert B., 8 books
Samuel S. Ahn, 6 books
David I. Abramson, 5 books
Mark A. Creager, 5 books
Jonathan B. Towne, 5 books
Morris D. Kerstein, 5 books
Samuel E. Wilson, 5 books
Abigail Thrush, 4 books
John J. Bergan, 4 books
John B. Chang, 4 books
Paul M. Vanhoutte, 4 books
Rodney A. White, 4 books
Kenneth Ouriel, 4 books
Claudia Rumwell, 4 books
John W. Hallett, 4 books
John A. Bevan, 4 books
Yūmi Ishihara, 4 books
Hope, James, 3 books
Hunter, John, 3 books
J. Bouillaud, 3 books
Watts R. Webb, 3 books
Andrew N. Nicolaides, 3 books
William J. Zwiebel, 3 books


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