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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark A. Creager, 6 books
James S. T. Yao, 6 books
Joseph Hodgson, 6 books
John J. Bergan, 4 books
William J. Zwiebel, 4 books
Joseph Loscalzo, 4 books
Claudia Rumwell, 4 books
David I. Abramson, 3 books
Eugene F. Bernstein, 3 books
Abigail Thrush, 2 books
Karim Valji, 2 books
Antonio Strano, 2 books
Victor J. Dzau, 2 books
Peter Libby, 2 books
Richard F. Kempczinski, 2 books
Karen Bellenir, 2 books
Barton A. Bean, 2 books
Donna E. Cox, 2 books
Sanjay Rajagopalan, 2 books
John A. Kaufman, 2 books
Victora A. Fahey, 2 books
G. Belcaro, 2 books
G. David Jang, 2 books
Darwin Eton, 2 books
Samuel S. Ahn, 2 books


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