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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hutchison, David, 8 books
Corrado Priami, 6 books
George Bebis, 5 books
Sebastian Bassi, 4 books
Masanori Ohya, 4 books
David Edwards, 3 books
James D. Tisdall, 3 books
Andreas D. Baxevanis, 3 books
B. F. Francis Ouellette, 3 books
Eugene Thacker, 3 books
Hooman H. Rashidi, 3 books
Janusz M. Bujnicki, 3 books
Sumeet Dua, 3 books
Ujjwal Maulik, 3 books
Dmitrij Frishman, 3 books
Daoliang Li, 3 books
Arthur M. Lesk, 3 books
Jeremy Ramsden, 2 books
Ingvar Eidhammer, 2 books
Bernhard Palsson, 2 books
Hwa A. Lim, 2 books
Michael R. Barnes, 2 books
Franz L. Alt, 2 books
Jürgen Jost, 2 books
David Corne, 2 books


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