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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Berlitz Publishing Company, 19 books
Sedat Turhan, 11 books
Sally Hagin, 11 books
P. H. Collin, 7 books
Lexus, 7 books
Walter Baumgartner, 5 books
Ludwig Koehler, 5 books
Johann Jakob Stamm, 4 books
Harvey Porter, 4 books
A.F. Dorian, 4 books
C. Zahner, 4 books
Rupert Livesey, 4 books
John Wortabet, 4 books
A. F. Dorian, 4 books
J. P. Vandenberghe, 3 books
Collins, 3 books
Inc. Berlitz International, 3 books
Berlitz Guides, 3 books
P.H. Collin, 3 books
Yoshikatsu Nakamura, 3 books
J. D. Van Der Tuin, 3 books
Nicholas Awde, 3 books
G. Gupta, 3 books
Louis De Vries, 2 books
F. A. Bogadek, 2 books


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