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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andreas Bohnenstengel, 8 books
Wolfgang Fleischer, 7 books
Jean Howard, 3 books
Magnus von Plessen, 2 books
Peter Stepan, 2 books
R. S. Magowan, 2 books
Agnes Rogers, 2 books
Bruce Catton, 2 books
John Erickson, 2 books
Shelby L. Stanton, 2 books
David Miller, 2 books
Hans-Peter Dabrowski, 2 books
Griehl, Manfred., 2 books
Bryan Perrett, 2 books
Sarah Baddiel, 2 books
Markus Jaugitz, 2 books
Horst Hinrichsen, 2 books
Steven Adams, 2 books
Ansel Adams, 2 books
Page, Tim, 2 books
Siegfried Breyer, 2 books
George Forty, 2 books
Arlene Moscovitch, 2 books
Bruce Talamon, 2 books
Martin J. Brayley, 2 books


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