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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leland Ryken, 7 books
James Stokes Ackerman, 5 books
Thayer S. Warshaw, 4 books
Robert Alter, 4 books
George Gilfillan, 3 books
Celina Spiegel, 3 books
Kermode, Frank, 3 books
Konrad Schmid, 3 books
Mary Ellen Chase, 3 books
Charles Sears Baldwin, 2 books
Cook, Albert S., 2 books
T. R. Henn, 2 books
John H. Gottcent, 2 books
James Muilenburg, 2 books
Zvi Adar, 2 books
Duncan Black Macdonald, 2 books
Dinsmore, Charles Allen, 2 books
David Norton, 2 books
Yaira Amit, 2 books
M. Harvey, 2 books
Martin Warner, 2 books
Thomas Römer, 2 books
Richard Green Moulton, 2 books
Timothy K. Beal, 2 books
Thomas B. Dozeman, 2 books


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