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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donna Leon, 9 books
James A. Michener, 7 books
Bernard Cornwell, 6 books
Anne Perry, 5 books
Andrea Camilleri, 5 books
Martin Suter, 4 books
Norman Mailer, 4 books
Barbara Wood, 4 books
Eveline Hasler, 4 books
John Updike, 4 books
Gabriel García Márquez, 4 books
Lindsey Davis, 4 books
Luciano De Crescenzo, 3 books
Nicholas Sparks, 3 books
Amélie Nothomb, 3 books
Ian McEwan, 3 books
Muriel Spark, 3 books
Rita Mae Brown, 3 books
Anne Holt, 3 books
Patricia Highsmith, 3 books
Michel Houellebecq, 3 books
Noah Gordon, 3 books
Amin Maalouf, 3 books
Jean-Claude Izzo, 3 books
Alessandro Baricco, 3 books