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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Weiling Li, 10 books
Edyth Thornton Mcleod, 4 books
Paula Begoun, 4 books
Lola Montez, 4 books
Daniel S. Hamermesh, 4 books
Zia Wesley-Hosford, 4 books
Qiuxiang Lin, 4 books
Qianrong Li, 4 books
Michiko Fujiwara, 4 books
Helen Whitcomb, 3 books
Kim Johnson Gross, 3 books
Deborah Chase, 3 books
Janice Cox, 3 books
Diane Irons, 3 books
Alexander Walker, 3 books
Joan Collins, 3 books
Tony Bradman, 3 books
Chunchun Zhang, 3 books
Deborah Hutton, 3 books
Michelle D. Leigh, 3 books
Chizu Saeki, 3 books
Yukuko Tanaka, 3 books
Josephine Fairley, 3 books
Sarah Stacey, 3 books
Daniel Garrison Brinton, 2 books


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