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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Risley's Plant House, 7 books
George Wharton James, 6 books
Osma Gallinger Tod, 5 books
Ed Rossbach, 4 books
Shereen LaPlantz, 4 books
Mabel Roffey, 3 books
Gertrude Porter Ashley, 3 books
Linda Yamane, 3 books
Lyn Siler, 3 books
Judy Mulford, 3 books
Joleen Gordon, 3 books
John E. McGuire, 2 books
Hisako Sekijima, 2 books
Rhoda Levinsohn, 2 books
Christoph Will, 2 books
Paul N. Hasluck, 2 books
M. Anna Fariello, 2 books
Otis Tufton Mason, 2 books
Mara Cary, 2 books
Charles Crampton, 2 books
Paulus Gerdes, 2 books
Jane LaFerla, 2 books
F. J. Christopher, 2 books
Janet Gill, 2 books
Angeli Perrow, 2 books


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