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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bill James, 7 books
Major League Baseball, 4 books
Jim Prime, 3 books
Bill Nowlin, 3 books
Richard Bak, 3 books
R. G. Utley, 3 books
John S. Bowman, 3 books
Steve Fainaru, 3 books
Mark Rucker, 3 books
Sporting News, 3 books
Hank Aaron, 3 books
Phil Pepe, 3 books
Ray Sanchez, 3 books
John Thorn, 2 books
Mickey Mantle, 2 books
Seymour Siwoff, 2 books
Steve Hirdt, 2 books
Peter Hirdt, 2 books
Noah Liberman, 2 books
Richard A. Johnson, 2 books
Robert Gordon, 2 books
John Freyer, 2 books
Scott Verner, 2 books
Greg Rhodes, 2 books
Tom Burgoyne, 2 books


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