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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mickey Mantle, 7 books
David Mantle, 2 books
Mickey Herskowitz, 2 books
Gene Schoor, 2 books
Mark Gallagher, 2 books
Whitey Ford, 1 book
Billy Crystal, 1 book
Howard Liss, 1 book
David Shiner, 1 book
Milton J. Shapiro, 1 book
Sam Hasegawa, 1 book
Al Silverman, 1 book
New York Times Company, 1 book
Tony Castro, 1 book
Lonnie Wheeler, 1 book
Phil Berger, 1 book
Donald Honig, 1 book
Larry Canale, 1 book
Merlyn Mantle, 1 book
Mickey E. Mantle, 1 book
Dan Mantle, 1 book
Peter Golenbock, 1 book
Danny Mantle, 1 book
Julian May, 1 book
Schaap, Dick, 1 book


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