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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Floyd Alonzo McClure, 5 books
Marcelo Villegas, 3 books
Sir David Brewster, 3 books
Kōichirō Ueda, 3 books
Naifan Cheng, 3 books
Ueda, Kōichirō, 2 books
Paul Whittaker, 2 books
Oscar Hidalgo López, 2 books
Lynne Gibbs, 2 books
E. A. Wijaya, 2 books
He, Ming., 2 books
Cleofé E. Calderón, 2 books
DK Publishing, 2 books
Victor Cusack, 2 books
Gale Beth Goldberg, 2 books
Amy Chouinard, 2 books
Jean-Charles Houzeau, 2 books
Soejatmi Dransfield, 2 books
Kan Li, 2 books
Sadao Suzuki, 2 books
H. K. Plank, 2 books
Ted Meredith, 2 books
Sajal Nag, 1 book
Michael Bell, 1 book
R. M. Singhal, 1 book


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