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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yefim Gordon, 20 books
Mark Wagner, 2 books
Guy Norris, 2 books
Joe Sutter, 2 books
Shirlee Matheson, 2 books
Bill Holder, 2 books
Ron Dick, 2 books
Shirlee Smith Matheson, 2 books
Dan Patterson, 2 books
Henry Serrano Villard, 1 book
John Glenn, 1 book
Orville Wright, 1 book
Norman Pealing, 1 book
Paolo Matricardi, 1 book
Philip Jarrett, 1 book
Brandt Aymar, 1 book
Olaf Ruhen, 1 book
Kirk W. House, 1 book
Rosario Rausa, 1 book
Charles R. Mitchell, 1 book
Neville Duke, 1 book
Campbell, Mike., 1 book
W. Hudson Shaw, 1 book
Joan Dixon, 1 book
Anthony Evans, 1 book


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