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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Horst F. Mayer, 4 books
Ferdinand Fauland, 3 books
Roberto Todero, 3 books
Deák, István., 3 books
Károly Csonkaréti, 3 books
Ernest Bauer, 2 books
Oskar Regele, 2 books
Albert Seaton, 2 books
Peter Jung, 2 books
Petr Havel, 2 books
Wagner, Walter historian., 2 books
Karl Gogg, 2 books
Georg von Trapp, 2 books
Stefan Zweig, 2 books
Wladimir Aichelburg, 2 books
Erwin A. Schmidl, 2 books
Julius Miskolczy, 2 books
Tibor Hajdu, 2 books
Vilmos Mariska, 2 books
James Sidney Lucas, 2 books
Csonkaréti, Károly., 2 books
Paolo Pozzato, 2 books
Graydon A. Tunstall, 2 books
Jung, Peter, 2 books
Franz F. Bilzer, 2 books


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