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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jim Main, 4 books
Graeme Atkinson, 4 books
John Stoward, 4 books
Russell Holmesby, 4 books
Harms, John, 3 books
Ben Collins, 2 books
Waleed Aly, 2 books
Trevor D. Jaques, 2 books
Martin Flanagan, 2 books
Austin Robertson, 1 book
Stephen Silvagni, 1 book
Andrew McLeod, 1 book
Trevor Gill, 1 book
Ian Ridley, 1 book
Stan Alves, 1 book
Lou Richards, 1 book
Glenn McFarlane, 1 book
Robert D. Eagleson, 1 book
Gerard Patrick Dowling, 1 book
Dick Wordley, 1 book
Dave Warner, 1 book
Don Roach, 1 book
Scot Palmer, 1 book
Frank S. Pyke, 1 book
Peter McKenna, 1 book


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