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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robinson, John P., 9 books
Joel Osteen, 9 books
Alison Park, 9 books
John C. Maxwell, 8 books
Milton Rokeach, 7 books
Martin Fishbein, 6 books
J. Richard Eiser, 6 books
Louis Leon Thurstone, 5 books
Mac Anderson, 5 books
Joseph P. Forgas, 5 books
Milton J. Rosenberg, 5 books
Theodore Mead Newcomb, 5 books
Brian Tracy, 5 books
Joy Berry, 5 books
Karen Brunskill, 5 books
Richard E. Petty, 5 books
John C. Maxwell, 5 books
Amy Newmark, 5 books
Muzafer Sherif, 4 books
Carolyn W. Sherif, 4 books
Elwood N. Chapman, 4 books
Kendra Smiley, 4 books
William Ury, 4 books
Keith Harrell, 4 books
Lawrence S. Wrightsman, 4 books